TOOLBOX for successful educational work with the young adults. Exchange of good practices & networking meeting. December 14th - feel invited!

eel invited to the virtual exchange of experiences and networking event organised by the FIRST Network! The event is expected to gather participants from Poland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal and more. Participants from any European country are welcomed.

Time and place: Thursday, December 14th, 10.30 - 12.00 CET; Zoom

The aims of the event are: 
- Exchange of experiences and good practices concerning useful, valuable tools, methods and solutions for organizing and conducting motivating/engaging/attractive educational experience for the young adults, 18+.
- Networking and possible matchmaking for common projects in the field.

Addressees: Representatives of organisations/institutions/enterprises/informal groups related to education and employment, interested in European cooperation in the field of education/lifelong learning & youth work.

The programme: At the meeting the FIRST Network Members and guest speakers would share experiences - and give an opportunity to discuss the following topics:
- The DigiComPass Training course, based on the DigComp Framework of the European Commission, and the implementation of Flipped Learning 3.0 framework as the training approach.
- The experience in interventions against early school leaving.
- Europass digital identity as a key to personal success on the European labour and education market.
- The European youth projects participant perspective - do's and dont's for the lifelong learning organisers and providers.
- Student volunteering in digital competency development for older people.

The detailed programme of the meeting is available HERE.

Registration: The registration to the event will be opened by December 13th, 23:59 CET. The registration form is available HERE.


International STRUCTURED DEMOCRATIC DIALOGUE TRAINING in Tyniec, October 2023.

The days 14th - 15th of October the FAIE team organised and was running an international Structured Democratic Dialogue co-laboratory.

The aim of the workshop was experiencing in practice the elements of SDD, learning by doing, in order to:

▪ To foster the ability of youth to deal with complex and multifaceted issues.

▪ To develop the ability to build a common view from multiple stances.

▪ To foster mutual understanding while keeping independent thinking.

The main challenge, around which the co-laboratory was organised was: What changes should be introduced to encourage youth democratic engagement and participationin the democratic processes?

There were 51 youth activists from Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ukraine and Bulgaria taking part in the event.

Structured Democratic Dialogue Process (SDDP) is an effective group decision-making methodology for managing complex problems with the participation of different stakeholders.

Participants discuss their ideas, cluster and vote the most important ones. Then, influences among ideas are analysed to produce an ‘influence tree’ (‘Wall of Obstacles,’ ‘Vision Map’ or ‘Action Map’).

The ‘influence tree’ is presented to the participants, subject to discussion.

It promotes mutual understanding, consensus building and trust between participants. It is used worldwide in processes aimed at developing public policies in collaboration between the citizens and the State.


The workshop was organised within the JUST EU and ME project, funded by
the European Union’s Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) Programme (2021-2027)

 The report from the workshop may be found HERE.



Are you realising creative/cultural/artistic activities in rural areas/small towns/sparsely populated and/or low urbanized areas? If so, we are looking just for you.
We do need your knowledge and experience!

Why and what for?

We think your organization/business is important. You create value for your local community in terms of people's sense of belonging, meaningfulness and keeping the countryside active and interesting. We want to help businesses/organisations like yours to improve your economic situation, support innovation and resilience so that you can continue to produce these values long into the future.

Would you share some of your knowledge and experience with us?

Please feel invited to take part in the open on-line research. The questionnaire in English you will find HERE.

The purpose of this survey is to collect some basic, general information about the creative organisations/businesses active in sparsely populated, non-urban areas in Europe. The online survey is accompanied by more detailed  interviews.

We will collect this data Europe-wide, but especially in 4 partnering, European countries: Poland, Sweden, Italy and Latvia. We will analyze our findings and try to create a better understanding of the sector and some general recommendations for improvement/strengthening the sector on the European level, without losing any of your core values, rather enhance them.

After the research phase, we will initiate two pilot cases in each country. As an effect, we will offer training programmes and business/organisation development services dedicated to non-urban, creative entities.

This survey is available in English, Polish, Swedish, Latvian and Italian.
It takes around 10-15 minutes to answer the questions.

In advance - thank you for your time and answers!


This is an EU-project called „CHANGE CREATORS. Innovative business models for the non-urban creative sectors”. The main aim of the project is to contribute to innovation, sustainability and resilience of the alternative cultural and creative places located in sparsely populated areas. We do this through discovering, testing and introducing new business models and audience development models. The project is co-financed by the European Union within the Creative Europe Programme.