When You entering in our website, You will see that saving cookie files on our computer.. means short text files sending bz our server or services, which we are appeal in our site.

Cookies and similar technologies are using in website because of convenience of our users. Thez are using for customiye of the site to meet their needs and expectations, as well as for statistical purposes.

According to the legislation from 23 March 2013 to announce that this site uses cookies for the following purposes:

  1. to store the configuration of selected features of the site, allowing in particular the authentication of browser session;
  2. to create anonymous statistics that help us to understand how users will benefit from it;

The files cookies do not collect any personal information, including names and email addresses.

If you do not accept a cookie, you have to change the settings of your browser. The method depends on whether you have a specific browser. Basically most appropriate settings are made in the "Options" browser. If you do not do it the same you agree to write down your site and was reading cookies on your computer.

How do I disable cookies?

If you are using a mobile device (phone, smartphone, tablet), see the options for the protection of privacy in the documentation on the website of the manufacturer of your device.